Basic Burger

Modern grease duct design meets old-school hamburgers.

basic burger

The importance of a grease duct

Needing Safe Ventilation

Pentagon Row in Arlington, Virginia is home to a modern, laid-back burger joint with an old-school take on the classic hamburger — Basic Burger. As with any meat, the hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken breasts that Basic Burger specializes in release grease vapors when cooked. These vapors require a quick, efficient, and safe ventilation system to prevent them from being trapped in the kitchen and dining area. Enter the grease duct: one of the most critical mechanical components in any commercial kitchen.

Safe, easy alternative

Zero Clearance Grease Duct

Our Sales Engineer Eric Willie recommended that Basic Burger use Security Chimneys’ Zero Clearance grease duct — a pre-fabricated, modular grease duct system that presents a safe, easy alternative to field-welded ducting. The Zero Clearance grease duct utilizes a round, double-walled stainless steel duct with 3 inches of AES wool insulation to achieve UL certification. The product is UL tested and listed per UL-1978 and UL-2221 standards, meaning that the product requires no additional wrap to achieve a fire rating of 2 hours. Patent-pending coupling mechanisms make installation a simple, one-step process, and Security Chimneys’ innovative self-centering flue design lowers installation time even further.

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Saving money in installation and testing

Easier Installation

One of the principal benefits of the modular system is that no welding is required. “Welders cost a lot more than regular HVAC mechanics. Plus, when you install field-welded systems, you have to leak test and inspect the duct, then insulate it, and then have it inspected again,” explained the job’s contractor. “This was the only product I’ve ever installed that was completely turnkey and shipped ready to install. It might be the first time we did an install and didn’t find there was something missing from the shipment. We found we could get this product much quicker than other [pre-fabricated] products we were looking at. Also, the back-up support we received from Eric Willie was great. He was there for the installation, giving us pointers throughout the process. It went really well!”