Product Line

Boilers/Water Heaters

Sam DeSanto Co., Inc. represents industry-leading manufacturers of boilers and water heaters. With options including steam, condensing, and near-condensing boilers, as well as tankless water heaters, we can provide the best solution to any problem.

Hydronic Accessories

To supplement your equipment, Sam DeSanto Co., Inc. also offers various accessories. Motors, tanks, gauges, sensors, valves, electrical accessories, and heat exchangers are all available.

Leak Detection

Sam DeSanto Co. represents TraceTek for all leak detection needs. Capable of detecting various liquids such as water, chemical mixtures, and fuel or other hydrocarbons, TraceTek is able to pinpoint the exact location of the leak for quick maintenance and recovery.

Packaged Systems

Some of the complete packages that we offer include heat transfer systems, booster systems, and oil transfer systems. Sam DeSanto Co., Inc. offers these packages as simple solutions for commercial applications.


Sam DeSanto Co., Inc. offers a wide variety of pumps—sump pumps, grinders, sewage pumps, inline pumps, end suction pumps, choppers, lift stations, split case pumps, etc. All pumps are from trusted manufacturers.


Offering materials such as PVC, polypropylene, AL29-4C, and 316SS, Sam DeSanto Co. represents reputable vent manufacturers. B-vent, generator exhaust, grease duct, and standard boiler flue solutions are available.

With a wide range of products, Sam DeSanto Co. has exactly what you need for your project. Here are the various kinds of products we offer; click on each to learn more!