Product Line

American Wheatley HVAC Products

Expansion tanks, air separators, suction diffusers, flex connectors, triple duty valves, flow meters, butterfly, plug , and circuit balancing valves.


Residential and commercial expansion tanks, water heaters, buffer tanks, compression tanks, any hydronic accessories such as air separators, boosters, water hammer arrestors, and air and dirt separators.

Plate Concepts, Inc.

Plate & frame heat exchangers - brazed, gasketed, wide gap, double wall, semi-welded to suit the specific application and requirements.

SWEP International AB

Primarily brazed plate-and-frame heat exchangers in a variety of sizes, SWEP also offers air dryers, double wall heat exchangers, high pressure heat exchangers, evaporators, one-phase and two-phase systems, and condensers.

Thrush Co., Inc.

Heat exchangers, air separation equipment, booster systems, heat transfer, hydronic accessories, pressurizers, end suction pumps, inline pumps, circulators.