Product Line

AERCO International, Inc.

High efficiency gas fired condensing boilers and domestic hot water heaters. Clean steam generators, single and double wall domestic hot water generators.

Alyan Pump

Condensate and boiler feed pumps, heat transfer packages, F.O. pump packages, domestic booster systems, sump pumps, and sewage pumps.

American Wheatley HVAC Products

Expansion tanks, air separators, suction diffusers, flex connectors, triple duty valves, flow meters, butterfly, plug , and circuit balancing valves.


Residential and commercial expansion tanks, water heaters, buffer tanks, compression tanks, any hydronic accessories such as air separators, boosters, water hammer arrestors, and air and dirt separators.

Baldor Electric Company

AC and DC electric motors and drives, bearings, couplings, drive components, brakes, clutches, and gearing to power any system.


Grinders, choppers, submersible pumps, condensate pumps, effluent pumps, end suction pumps, basins, lift stations, sump pumps, sewage ejectors.

Canariis Corporation

Packaged pumping systems for domestic water, HVAC, chiller plants, and boiler plants ranging from industrial to commercial applications.


Industrial-grade end suction pumps, horizontal and vertical inline pumps, submersible pumps, sump pumps, and solids handling pumps.

DuraVent, Inc.

Solutions for professional and commercial venting applications: all-fuel , stovepipe, direct vent, gas, polypropylene, special gas, pressure stack, grease duct.


High-quality watercooled commercial submersible pumps, sewage pumps, and grinder pumps.

Miura America Co., Ltd

Commercial steam boilers, water softeners, monitoring, hot water boilers, water analysis and hardness detection for applications in healthcare, education, breweries, textile, and chemical industries.

Plate Concepts, Inc.

Plate & frame heat exchangers - brazed, gasketed, wide gap, double wall, semi-welded to suit the specific application and requirements.

REOTEMP Instruments Corp.

Digital and analog themometers, pressure gauges, thermocouples, thermowells, diaphragm seals, pressure transmitters, and bimetallic devices for use in commercial applications.

Security Chimneys International

Commercial and residential chimneys for heating boilers, domestic water boilers, and hydronic applications, as well as grease ducting.

Square D

Various electrical control devices, including motor starters, transformers, motor control centers, motor starters, soft-starts, and variable speed drives.

SWEP International AB

Primarily brazed plate-and-frame heat exchangers in a variety of sizes, SWEP also offers air dryers, double wall heat exchangers, high pressure heat exchangers, evaporators, one-phase and two-phase systems, and condensers.

Thrush Co., Inc.

Heat exchangers, air separation equipment, booster systems, heat transfer, hydronic accessories, pressurizers, end suction pumps, inline pumps, circulators.


Leak detection systems for water, fuel and other hydrocarbons, and chemicals. TraceTek sensing cable accurately pinpoints the exact source of the leak for easy maintenance.


High- and low-temperature service applications, condensate return systems, split case pumps, inline pumps, sump pumps

Wessels Company

Expansion tanks, air eliminators, buffer tanks, heat exchangers, large tanks, and specialty tanks, as well as custom tank fabrication for commercial and industrial applications.