Office of the Fire Marshal

Burning Through Money

The old 4-boiler system in the Office of the Fire Marshal in Fairfax, VA had become a bit of a problem. As the boilers aged, their reliability and efficiency dropped significantly, causing high maintenance and fuel costs. Another problem was the lack of makeup air to the boiler room, which caused the boilers to produce excess soot and fail prematurely. Fairfax County’s project manager sought a better solution — one that would be more efficient and save money.


To The Rescue

“I went with AERCO and the Sam DeSanto Company because I know and trust them.” said the project manager. We were able to provide recommendations for a completely new setup with the help of AERCO. The Modulex EXT 641 was the natural choice for this project thanks to its small footprint, flexible venting configurations, and reliability. The four modular units within the boiler make maintenance quick and easy, while AERCO’s efficiency helped save 70% in energy cost. The smaller footprint, ease of use, and peace of mind were all welcome upgrades for this Fire Marshal’s Office.